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Popular Destinations

Las Vegas

United States

277 hotels

New York City

United States

744 hotels


United States

281 hotels

San Francisco

United States

293 hotels


United States

153 hotels


United States

186 hotels

Los Angeles

United States

275 hotels

San Diego

United States

289 hotels

New Orleans

United States

196 hotels

Miami Beach

United States

258 hotels



1,875 hotels


United Kingdom

2,032 hotels



210 hotels

Los Angeles

United States

321 hotels


United Arab Emirates

560 hotels



490 hotels

Featured Hotels Around The World

USD 150
6001 Destination Parkway, Orlando, Florida United States
Rating Based on 789 reviews : Fantastic, 4.6
USD 750
Hamilton Island, Hamilton Island, Australia
Rating Based on 25 reviews : Fantastic, 4.8
USD 200
Corner Ann & Roma Streets, Brisbane, Australia
Rating Based on 270 reviews : Good, 3.8
USD 250
2552 Kalakaua Avenue , Honolulu, Hawaii United States
Rating Based on 1887 reviews : Great, 4.3
USD 250
45 Prescot Street, London, England United Kingdom
Rating Based on 59 reviews : Very Good, 4.2
How to Get a Cheap Hotels Room

Are you desperately searching online about how to get a cheap hotel room? Everyone goes on vacation or takes a trip out of town from time to time. However, whether you are going on a business trip or just want to check out a new city, the ways to get a cheap hotel room can elude you. Regardless, with a little bit of helpful advice, you will be on your way to finding lodging at a price you can afford.

How not to get a cheap hotel room

Sure, you can feel desperate to find a cheap hotel room, but do not go too far in your quest. Some people will look at classifieds online and think that they can buy someone else’s reservation. In fact, this system of saving money on a hotel room is a recipe for disaster. There are a number of things that can go wrong that include the hotel refusing to admit you because the name on the reservation is different. Also, there are scammers with poor intentions that want to lure you in with offers on hotel rooms that you cannot refuse. Nonetheless, there are at least four other ways it you can accomplish your goal without taking extreme measures.

Using location to find a cheap hotel room

It might be called one of the oldest tricks in the book and following this advice certainly does help you find the cheapest hotel room in the city of your choice. The first question you must evaluate to use this tip is your transportation. If you are taking your own car or renting one at the airport, you are already on your way to saving a lot of money. Basically, instead of picking a hotel in the middle of the city, look at the suburbs or surrounding counties. In general, you will find cheaper accommodations that are only minutes away from the places you want to visit.

Consider a private hotel room

Today, the Internet has changed the way that out of town vacationers do business. For example, it may be cheaper for you to look at one of the online advertising sources that allow you to rent a private room at a small bed and breakfast. It may not be a hotel, but non-hotel rooms are one of the cheapest ways that you can afford lodging out of town. They also contain many frills, like a free home-cooked meal, that only a personal home can provide.

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USD 500
310 West Broadway, New York City, New York United States
Rating Based on 455 reviews : Great, 4
USD 320
59 West 35Th Street, New York City, New York United States
Rating Based on 486 reviews : Great, 4.3
USD 63
111 East 48Th Street
Rating Based on 599 reviews : Very Good, 4.2
USD 203
45 West 44Th Street
Rating Based on 912 reviews : Fantastic, 4.7
USD 161
333 Adams Street, New York City
Rating Based on 385 reviews : Great, 4.4
USD 350
34-40 Great Cumberland Place, London, England United Kingdom
Rating Based on 877 reviews : Great, 4.2
USD 190
42 Princes Square, London, England United Kingdom
Rating Based on 2596 reviews : Great, 3.7
USD 450
146 Praed Street, London, England United Kingdom
Rating Based on 386 reviews : Very Good, 4.2
USD 156
44 Grosvenor Square
Rating Based on 893 reviews : Very Good, 4.2
USD 56
Stockley Rd West Drayton
Rating Based on 576 reviews : Very Good, 4.1
USD 103
51 Man Tung Road Tung Chung
Rating Based on 1506 reviews : Great, 4.3
USD 20
50 Nathan Road
Rating Based on 530 reviews : Very Good, 4.0
USD 38
Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Rating Based on 1850 reviews : Very Good, 4.2
USD 115
19-21 Nathan Road
Rating Based on 2961 reviews : Good, 3.9
USD 113
Mtr Fortress Hill Station Exit A 23 Oil Street North Point

Rating Based on 984 reviews : Very Good, 4.2

When to buy a cheap hotel room

In general, you can expect to find the cheapest hotel rooms if you purchase them in advance. This may lock you in to certain terms, but there is generally flexibility in changing the dates. Are you thinking about including the whole family and need more than four beds? Overall, buying advanced tickets is your best opportunity to find a discounted rate for reserving several hotel rooms at once. you can save money befor booking flight or hotels when use expedia coupon for discount at expedia.com and Priceline Coupon for discount at priceline.com and use hotels.com coupon code for discount at hotels.com

Avoiding scheduled pricing hikes

You may want to visit a great city like Louisville, Kentucky, but there is a certain time of year that you can expect higher hotel rates. Although you may not be expecting it, around the first week in May and most of April, Louisville is a bustling tourist town preparing for the annual Kentucky Derby. During other times of the year, Louisville is extremely popular due to local attractions and has some of the cheapest hotel rates in the country. Using this as an example, it becomes clear that you need to check the annual calendar for the city you are visiting in order to get their cheap hotel rooms.